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The UWS Hawkesbury Rugby Club, (formerly Hawkesbury Agricultural College) was founded in 1891 to service the need for organised sport for the students at the recently founded College. It is one of the oldest rugby clubs in Australia, and the world, having a continuous history of in excess of 117 years. Over this time it has forged an enviable reputation for producing high calibre teams and fostered many players onto higher honours. The list of former players who have established themselves at the international and provincial level is impressive, and has created a strong legacy for those that have followed. For many years it has been recognised that the rugby club represents the backbone of the institution, and without it the College would loose much of its hard earned esteem and recognition. The Rugby Club is the only institution on campus to have lasted for the entire history of the institution, but without a change of thinking may become another victim of change. Over recent years Hawkesbury has undergone numerous fundamental changes that have affected its underlying fabric, and led to a situation that if not addressed, may see the fortunes of the Club further eroded. It is in this light that the establishment of a Rugby Foundation has been formed with the aim of providing financial and educational support for prospective students and players. The aim of the Rugby Foundation is to identify and attract prospective students that will help to ensure the long-term viability of the Club and College in general. One of the platforms for the Foundation is a mentor scheme whereby Old Collegians are able to subscribe to the provision of funding to support students on a scholarship scheme in a chosen field of endeavour, as well as providing back up support in career guidance and employment opportunities. If you are interested in the Foundation please contact either of the following: Bruce Maltman Ph:02 9688 9712 ( Tony Martin Ph: 02 9251 1217 (

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